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Originally Posted by EightBitz View Post
Also, you, as a human, do have the innate ability to know when you're using the same picture, and you can reasonably add the picture once as its own topic, then link it to any topic to which it's relevant.
This smells like a new type of snippet.

Since RW is basically a structured intelligence DB - the ability of the users (aka players) to get the quick context from the picture snippet preview image is a high-value feature - really want that.

I never use the map function - too hard to update during play sessions - so I use a combination of PowerPoint and MSPaint and a bulletin board to post game-day maps -

But for my atlas-like content - its like buying a campaign resource - I just post the maps - zooming in to reveal detailed map content - for example - I might have a map of an island-dotted ocean and then a series of maps for each island cluster - and then use the island cluster map for each island in an island group as a well as the ocean map for context

Since the meta knowledge of is in my head - I could use a custom snippet that took a link to a file stored in the DB once - typed checked to be a known image type - to the preview could process the image and make the icon - but the data was stored only once - I would know when to use either the Simple Picture Snippet or the Common Picture Snippet

One side effect - good and bad - is that changing the reference picture would change the picture for all linked to it.

Note Also: Although memory is cheap, load time is not. My time is the most expensive resource - the more time it takes to sync with the remote DB - the less time I am using the tool for content creation...

Thanks for the info guys
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