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Originally Posted by JustinThomason View Post
My actual question - is there any documentation on what has been entered for various sources in the Community Pack? In particular I'm interested in the Eberron content and the Ultimate Psionics material. Mostly I'm just looking ahead for any potential elements that I will need to enter as house rules.
Sorry I missed this before...

No documentation sorry. Eberron has everything from the core rulebook entered and then some stuff from Races of Eberron.

Originally Posted by JustinThomason View Post
Also, is there any outline of the conversion process done for classes and races in the ECS? I have started poking around with a test portfolio making various class/race combos, but if there is some documentation of how the conversions were handled somewhere, that would be easier to review.
I think I put a note on most things on what I did when converting. I followed the standard Pathfinder guide for conversion. I tried to stick as close as possible to the rulebook.

The strange ones that don't fit are as follows:
1) Artificer gets Gold (GP) instead of XP.
2) For Warforged I turned some of the Race feats into a free racial option you choose at level 1.
3) Turn Undead was converted to Channel Energy where I could and I think I left off a feat or two that had no way to convert.

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