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Originally Posted by Azgulor View Post
I'm in a similar boat. While I was/am a HLC user (and now HLO for Starfinder), I chose not to back the Kickstarter. Realm Works has transformed my games. I can appreciate people wanting certain features, but I've continued to see the product improve. Still a LWD & Realms Works fan.
I'd like to 3rd or 4th this thought... Yes, I'd love to see the market open up, but RW has been a 100%+++ improvement in my campaign organization as well as my game days. I'm sure I'm still not, after 3 years, using some tools as intended, but I've settled into a routine that makes my sessions purr. Sure I'd love a better calendar, but I'm clear-headed enough with my critique to know that I'm never giving it up, no matter what happens in the future.
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