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While I was not a backer at the time, I fell in love with the program at Gen-Con a few years back. Finally pulled the trigger and purchased it. I have not regretted it. I understand the frustration alot of people here have and I truly hope it will get resolved. As far as the CM is concerned if it is only PF or D&D then I am not at all the interested as I do not play those games. If it will include games like Shadowrun/Aces & Eights/ Legend of the Five Rings then OK. otherwise I will go ahead and enter it myself and move on. Just my $.02.
I'm in a similar boat. While I was/am a HLC user (and now HLO for Starfinder), I chose not to back the Kickstarter. Realm Works has transformed my games. I can appreciate people wanting certain features, but I've continued to see the product improve. Still a LWD & Realms Works fan.
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