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You think people don't do that? You think people don't have rl friends that they aren't FB friends with? That route is sure to get a company in huge trouble. It is not ingenious. It is sure to just make the customer even angrier.

As to people on the forum being "incredibly" negative. I stood up for LWD for a long time. I bought RW in 2015, IIRC, and at the time updates and new features were rolling out at a steady pace. Then roughly Fall of 2016 everything became about rolling out the CM and updates and new features ground to a halt as did any real communication from LWD. For a long time after that I still stood up for them. I knew what they were doing was going to be hard but when all communication stopped and they said they couldn't make any progress because of Paizo and bug reports were being completely ignored and despite the fact there was nothing they could reasonably be doing on the CM front we still got no bug fixes and no new features I soured on LWD. Then they announced HLO which clearly was going to take the focus of their web technology guy(s) away from working with Paizo to get the CM working to that. I bit my tongue because clearly they must be having a money crunch. But after another year almost and when people around here have to literally beg for any scrap of info they get a huffy "nothing new so we can't see why we should bother with telling you anything." I had finally had enough.

People aren't being "incredibly" negative. Some of them are backers who are waiting for rewards for years that should have been delivered at least 6 months ago, that was the last time BJ promised them. Some are fans of the project who want it to succeed, in my case I made videos to evangelize it because Liz asked the community to do so, I'd still be doing so if there was anything new to show people. I doubt any of the forum regulars doesn't truly love the project and have many hundreds if not thousands of hours of our creativity wrapped up in it. We just want it to be better because it is so clearly partially finished in so many frustrating ways and it falls further and further behind technologically every day.
I have never looked at a site in incognito mode to see if my posts were visible nor have I asked a friend too look, or had a friend ask me to. I suspect this is very uncommon thing to have happen.

I have no issue with being upset about not getting the features of the product done. I am not a kickstarter backer, I feel for the kickstater backers, I am waiting on two kickstarters to finish up after years of delays (OOTS being the oldest) but I don't post disparaging remarks about the people or the company like I see here on these forums.

It would be nice if there were more updates, but it's a damned if you do and damned if you don't thing there.

The loss of veteran developers probably really hurt LWD. I have been on projects where we have lost developers, it sucks because you spend most of your time training up the new hires on the code base and process/etc and not much on getting stuff done. C++ code base like HLC takes the longest to get someone up to speed too, web based stuff like HLO will be easier because the frameworks are known by many.
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