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For me, it depends on what type of map.. and how much detail / often I anticipate its use..

CC3- if I intend to repurpose dungeon and city type maps
Dungeon Crafter III for a quick dungeon map with just a room or two. This is very customizable and low learning curve, but has its limitations.

IF I have the time.. (hahah) I use a combo of Worldmachine and Carrara with a sprinkling of Bryce and Photoshop. This combo produces superior 3d / iso type maps, but I only do that for maps I intend to use over and over.

CC3 I won't go into since most are familiar with its capabilities.

Dungeon Crafter - Example

World Machine Top View of a Canyon

Iso View in World Machine

3D View with Carrara

Joe over at Inkwell Ideas has Cityographer & Dungeonographer which are both fairly good with low learning curve
see here>

Just my 2cp
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