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Yeah, I saw that, I have been saving my files with a number on the end, i.e. earthal1.dat, etc etc. When an updated file is posted I will just use my most recent file and edit the updated file w/ what I have done. I have a MUCH better idea of what kind of work you have done on this now and I think you are doing a good job. To think this whole thing started when I tried to use a Hyperion Command ship in a game and I kept getting the Assault Variant weapons fit, when I finally figured that out is when I went looking through ABCreator to find the problem, I didn't know that I was committing myself to all that I have done so far in testing everything. BTW, so far I have found nothing to complain about in any other files, and I DID see the difference in the files where you used options for the variants instead of linksets, and it IS much easier to troubleshoot. Anyway, please keep up the good work and I plan to keep practicing my .xml skills to where I can hopefully take some of the work off of you on updating files. After all, Armageddon is right around the corner, and then ACTA v.2 after that. I can't wait.
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