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I am both the one who made the "half a century old" comment and the one who wants the printing feature.

First off, all I meant by the age comment (and I'm not far behind him, BTW, just to clear that up. So I didn't mean any offense to anyone) was that given the ample opportunity he's had to show an interest in learning how to set up a server (especially with me as his friend), he never has, so he likely never will. I didn't mean that we wizened folk are incapable of using and learning about technology, just that we usually have our interests sorted out by this age. His are history, literature and writing.

Second, as far as printing, as much as I love computers and technology, sometimes I like to just sit in a library or a restaurant booth with a pad of paper and a pen. It'd be nice to be able to have my previously written materials handy without having to do double entry whenever I write something and double editing whenever I change something.
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