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This is going to be tough, because Hero Lab handles tool proficiencies in a more complicated way than weapons. Take a look at the Custom Background to get an idea how to handle multiple options from two different lists. You need to basically program it so that when one tool is taken, the second weapon option becomes unavailable, and vice versa. Pull up the debug screen to look at the fields for the race, and see what changes when you select a tool proficiency. Then you can watch for changes in that field to remove the code from the fields that allow you to select a second weapon proficiency.

It’s going to be a logic puzzle, but it’s doable. I don’t think there’s any way you can just put all the tools and weapons in the same list. This is because Hero Lab adds a pick for that tool when you select proficiency in it, and selecting things from a generated list can’t add a pick without an extreme number of conditional bootstraps.

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