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Today's stumper (for me anyway):

I'm trying to create a Racial Special that allows the member of the race to choose two proficiencies from a select set of tools or any weapon proficiencies. I figured out how to pull in all the weapon proficiencies, but I'm not sure what to add to the code to put the two tool proficiencies in the list as well.

Here is what I have so far...

    <fieldval field="usrCandid1" value="component.BaseWep &amp; (wProfReq.Martial|wProfReq.Simple) &amp; !Helper.Helper"/>
    <fieldval field="usrCandid2" value="component.BaseWep &amp; (wProfReq.Martial|wProfReq.Simple) &amp; !Helper.Helper"/>
    <tag group="Helper" tag="ShowSpec"/>
    <tag group="Helper" tag="Helper"/>
    <tag group="Helper" tag="Free"/>
    <tag group="ChooseSrc1" tag="Thing"/>
    <tag group="ChooseSrc2" tag="Thing"/>
    <eval phase="First"><![CDATA[      ~ If we're disabled, do nothing & 
      doneif (tagis[Helper.Disable] = 1)
      ~ If nothing chosen then get out now!
      doneif (field[usrChosen1].ischosen = 0)
      doneif (field[usrChosen2].ischosen = 0)
      ~ Pull all the selected weapon proficiency tags to ourself 
      perform field[usrChosen1].chosen.pulltags[WepProf.?]
      perform field[usrChosen2].chosen.pulltags[WepProf.?]
      ~ Now push both tags to the hero
      perform hero.pushtags[WepProf.?]]]></eval>
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