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I have had enough. Nothing was ever done with Meek75's account. As far as I can tell, his account is fine. The thread was deleted because it served no positive purpose and I have no issue deleting this one, or the next one, as well. I can and will start handing out timeouts for the entire lot of you if need be. I'm already about one more of these threads away from calling it quits on the forums entirely beyond tech help purposes and having a searchable archive for past technical issues.

It's also of note that I am NOT the replacement community manager everyone seems inclined to assume I am. We do not currently have a community manager. We have hired Realm Works data entry people and a new programmer for our customer's benefit instead. I am a business and marketing specialist who works well over 60 hours a week many weeks on a variety of tasks, making decisions far more important than "Should I answer the hateful forum people today?". And let's be honest here, the answer is a sinkhole because as soon as I do there are 6 more hateful people lined up to attack or pick the answers apart with 16 more questions I may or may not be able to answer. By the time I've hunted those answers down to find out at least 9 of them can't be answered at all at this time, my day is gone and I have wasted the valuable time of the devs as well. I have no assistant or community manager to delegate policing these forums to and I don't have time to answer every single question individually and neither does anyone else at LWD if you actually ever want to see the items in question.

I do collect questions from here and often do my best to see they get answered in a newsletter or a lengthy post of some sort IF it's a question I can actually answer. But frankly, sometimes the answer just can't be made public because it has absolutely nothing to do with LWD failing to get things done and the small group of individuals it would appease isn't worth the wrath it could incur from other sources. Occasionally, we just don't know the answer. I fully expected to be releasing great news last week, I don't have any right now that I can release to the public. When I do, I will share it. Are we working as hard as we possibly can on the programs? Ofcourse we are. Will the items you are wanting be available as soon as we have them. Absolutely, we aren't holding them hostage over here, we want them to be out too so we can make everyone happy and hopefully hire more staff! Will constantly creating drama put those items in your hands any faster? No. That will, in fact, delay the process even longer.

If the lack of news or response infuriates you enough that you aren't interested in purchasing our products then that is your decision to make, by all means, speak with your wallet, no need to stick around and be hateful while you're doing it. We are doing everything in our power to get it all working so you can have the Content Market and other items you care about, and we fully expected to be delivering them by the end of last month. We now hope to have it this month, we believe we will have news we can share publicly at the end of the week. Will that happen? God willing, and no more last-minute disasters, yes. Will I be as confident of that by the end of the week after hearing from those working in the trenches to make it happen? I have no idea and neither does anyone else because we can't see into the future.

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