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Originally Posted by ShadowChemosh View Post
The thread may not have been as toxic and hostile as many gaming sites have had. No one directly threatened to kill Rob or his family but it still served no useful purpose.

Everyone knows the CM is late including LW and having yet another thread filled with a echo chamber of complaints does nothing. Plenty of sites exist for this purpose already like Facebook or Twitter.

Its pretty clear that the only valid date is "when its done". Pretty much everyone has a simple choice. They walk away from RW and its products or you accept what the software does "today" is helpful for you. The software as is with import/export is just about perfect for myself. I still run into some bugs but so far I can fix them all myself.

The deletion of the thread should also clearly show the level of frustration on the LW side. At my own job customer service reps that deal with the "end" customer is in a totally different building. I personally never have to deal with the "hate" that is spewed at customer service. Good or bad my company keeps this separate for a reason as it prevents the drag down of all employees. In addition my work place has a huge HR staff dedicated to making the work environment safe, happy, professional and a "positive" place. This is because few people actually enjoy a day filled with negative emotions. The impact to performance is staggering when people are not happy. Hmmm anyone remember Rob being sick for many months now?

LW has no such protection. Every employee has to engage the community directly on TOP of doing their normal jobs. I am pretty sure few of us would stay at our own jobs if we had to deal with the general public all the time. I would totally want to drill a hole in my head if I had to deal with it for my day job!

I am not even free of adding to the problem myself. I have had to face the truth that a few things I posted where not really helpful but just empty complaints. Its something I plan to correct and maybe its not a bad idea for everyone to take a moment to reflect on what they write BEFORE they hit the "submit" key. Its really easy on forums/internet to forget that another human with feelings is reading what you wrote. Not an empty emotionless company.
The way it was handled is what I took issue with. No explanation and no comment. The thread just disappeared as if someone just swept it under the rug and wanted to pretend it never happened. Event the user account temporarily disappeared.

Without explanation or comment, where does that leave us? Is "no useful purpose" the new benchmark for deleting threads now? Will this thread get deleted? Will my account disappear for daring to ask what happened?

There are human beings on both sides of the wire. Purging that whole thread in complete silence, with no warning, comment or explanation, was a bad decision. And I know I wasn't seeing things in regards to meek's user account not being found, because someone else confirmed seeing the same thing.
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