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Originally Posted by Glirhuin View Post
Hi there,

When I add a Chieftain and equip him with a Armour of Silvered Steel, his Armor Save bonus change from 5+ to 4+. It should change from 5+ to 2+, no ?

This was a previously reported bug that was fixed according to this post It has also been listed in many other threads if using the search function but was working properly at some point in time in the past.
I have no idea why it has reappeared but something must have been changed in either the magic item or the Skaven file.

The bug, which also appears on the Skaven warlord (I just checked) comes from the chieftain and the warlord both coming with heavy armor and the way their coding interacts with the Armors coding.

Hopefully Ultra can get this straightened out again post haste.

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