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I use d20pro for Pathfinder but my workflow can loosely translate to FG. How you enter NPCs/mobs would be the only real difference as HeroLab doesn't have 5e licensing.

1) Save maps in RW as dumb images (not smart maps) in RW until needed. Prep for the session: copy the map, import into d20pro, turn on simple fog-of-war, unhide the areas players can see immediately. I do make sure that I know how large the grid sizes are for my maps before saving in RW and I resize to ensure grids aren't truncated on the edges or white space is introduced. Done.

2) Save encounters in HeroLab portfolio in RW until needed. Prep for session: open encounter, export to d20pro format, import into d20pro, open map, place mobs. Done.

If the encounter isn't mechanics-heavy, I'll place a map token and wing it for stats.

3) Save PCs in HeroLab portfolio. Repeat encounter steps.

4) Use d20pro to display marching order, manage initiative, handle combat for NPCs. Players can roll in VTT or at the table and we can plug in the results -- we normally use VTT as it is much faster.

I prep ahead in RW and as needed in d20pro.
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