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New update is available!
I've got a new update on the datafilesrus website. Version 1.0!!!

Everything is included up to No Quarter #1
I just picked up Apotheosis tonight so I will begin getting all the new warcasters in ASAP. 8)

I've re-worked all the files and set up the Units differently. For example, in a Khador Battlegroup led by Sorscha click the ++Add Units button in her Battlegroup options tab. A new dialog box pops up that will list all the Units available for her. Each Unit will be listed by name and have it's base cost, field allowance and victory points listed next to its name. Example:
Steelhead Halberdiers    Base Cost: 58 Field Allow: 3 Victory Pts: 2
After selecting that unit you will go back to the main screen and it will be listed below Sorscha with that same stat line, then below that will be the stat line for the Sergeant and his weapons, below that will be the stat line for a Halberdier and his weapons.

It's a -look and feel- sort of thing, especially when you play a game with multiple casters, it's easy to roll up one caster's "tree" of units and work on the other caster.

Well, have at it!
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