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Newest version uploaded.

=- 1.0 -=
I uploaded a new version sometime last week, can't remember exactly when, might have been friday 30th September.
-Apotheosis is complete now. All new warcasters and 'jacks are in.
-Field allowances should now be incorporated
-I took warjacks off the "Available window". Once you select your warcaster, they will have a link list --> ++ Add Warjack that will open a window with all the available warjacks listed for that warcaster.
-Units and Solos are listed in the "Available window" and will show up as Support - Unit/Solo and all should have their field allowances programmed in!

=- G -=
I've added in the option to have the Warjack's damage grid print out to the roster sheet. It is also accessable by selecting the Damage Grid tab and right clicking on the Damage Grid Option. It's not the most perfectly aligned piece of work, but it should come in handy. . . and you can always just turn it off.

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