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I also don't know why ppl are keeping on (forgive me the term) "beating a dead horse" and I don't mean the product to be clear, I mean the topic. Surely there companies who are better at communicating news but there are also worse companies.

LWD has been on numerous occassions very open during the process - which of course opens up some vulnerabilities - if certain promises are not held in the end.

I think it fair to complain about it, but afterwards move on. I for one hope they will continue to support the product and get their stuff in order.

Regarding HLC/HLO - I own neither - but I would have very much preferred the classic version, hearing now that basically support runs out, well I would be a bit annoyed if I would buy that product now for a full price ^^. Probably I dislike subscription models because I would be too lazy to cancel them in time, paying each month for stuff I never need .... (or very rarely)...

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