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Sales of V2.x ceased long ago. If you want material added to the data files, send the author a request. You can reach the author by loading the data files into AB and then going to the Help menu and selecting the Contact Data File Author option. For the WFB files, there is also a separate support forum specifically for those files. So try posting there, just as Russell suggested.


At 01:34 PM 6/5/2006, you wrote:

To Whom it may concern:
Greetings, my concern is that I have a Kislev army and in
version 3.x it does not appear. I was told that in version
(2.x) has that option. What I want to know is, do you still sell
version 2.x and if so I would like to purchase it. So that I would be
able to build my army. On the other hand will the 3.x version ever
insert the list for the Kislev army.

Sincerely Mr. Vazquez
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