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Originally Posted by Arijharn View Post
Wow, I hope she's going to be ok as that sounds really hardcore, like serious car accident hardcore...
She went into anaphalactic shock. Thought we were going to lose her for a few days. Not a pleasant time, I can tell you. She's going to make a full recovery now, but is weak as a kitten for the moment. Still don't know exactly what caused it, so a future of tests to look forward to...

Edited to add - I was up a few hours before anyone else this morning, so have actually made a lot of progress since yesterday. It isn't impossible that I will be done by weekend after all.

Edited again to add - Finished! The last part went alot quicker once I worked out how I wanted it to fit together. Will check it over, and will be released on Sat.

If you can keep your head while all about you are loosing their's, then you have probably completely misunderstood the situation.

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