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Status of the implementation:
  • Skills, Specialties, Backgrounds, Command Packages, and all Sophont Types but AIs are in and functional.
    • I attempted to implement some items from Reddit, but got hung up on conditional Specialties.
  • Some equipment is in, although I need to customize the screens. No custom equipment yet.
  • Advances work, although I need to modify the Journal to allow for adding an Advancement slot with an entry.
  • Fireteams... I know this should be an easy one, but I just haven't been able to sit down and hash it out.
  • Companies should be reasonably doable as a "character type". If I can get it to be able to assign which mercenaries are associated with it (something which seems vaguely plausible based on how I understand the code), I'll shift to tracking how much each mercenary "costs" based on equipment, and adding them to a Company will reduce its totals.
  • Character sheets... I should really do those one of these days. Otherwise, this is just kind of wanking about.
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