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Let me break this down to see if I can understand where the potential observed issue lies. A level 1 bard is created with the maestro muse. This adds soothe to your spells known. So:

1. You have 2 spells known to select, plus soothe already present. Your bonus muse spell does not count against your total spells known.

2. You have 2 spells slots with which to cast per day. Soothe being added to your repertoire does not increase your number of spell slots, so this is still correct. With these two slots, you can cast any combination of the spells in your repertoire, hence the incrementers operating in tandem.

I'm seeing both of these operating as expected, but are there deviations observed? Just trying to figure out if something weird is happening outside the norm, or if it's a case of misunderstanding. Thanks!
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