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I have been adding all the spells for the game system I use into RW and have discovered something I think should be added to the way the RW interface layout works. In RW everything is added per line in an article or subject, aka everything is placed vertically meaning up and down. Unless one creates a table, which does not work for everything.
For example: In 5ed D&D spell descriptions you have; Casting TIme, Range, Components, Duration, and the description. When entered into RW you have no choice but to list them like this in a vertical configuration (though in any order you prefer):
Casting Time:
Wouldn't it be better and a space saver if you could list the separate sections side by side in a horizontal configuration? For example:
Casting Time:______________ Range:___________
Components:______________ Duration:__________
Is there anything like this in the idea bin for RW?

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