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Originally Posted by Daggaroth View Post
Thank you so much for looking into this and letting me know. Do you by chance know when the next release will be coming out?
Sorry I never really know that as I usually release once enough fixes/changes have been done.

If you are using HL on Windows/Mac I can give you the steps to do to fix the issue for your copper dragon.

1) Start HL & Pathfinder
2) click on "Tools->Show Editor".
3) Click on "File->Open Data File".
4) Open file "COM_3PPPack_RGG - Class, Dragonrider.user"
5) In the list of tabs that get displayed click on "Minion/Hirelings".
6) On the left side of the window click on "Dragon Steed, Copper".
7) On the right side click the blue button "Minion".
8) In the new little window click on "Bootstraps".
9) Click on the words at the bottom of the window that says "Click to add another bootstrap" and new Line will appear.
10) To the right of the word "choose" is a text box copy/paste the value "tpSgDragon" without the quotes.
11) Press OK through all the windows.
12) Click on "File->Save Data File".
13) Restart HL and open your character.

Unfortunately nothing I can do about the iPad if you are using that until the next release.

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