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Originally Posted by Colen View Post
Hi everyone,

I've uploaded a new version of Army Builder that fixes some bugs, and I'd like to get some additional eyes on it before release, to make sure there aren't any lurking problems in there. You can find it here:

Download windows version here!
Download mac version here!

If you're interested in helping out, please grab the new release and just use it like you normally would use Army Builder. If you run into any bugs, please post the details here and I will look into them.

Thanks for your help!
I DL and used this, however I found it that is did something funny with the ABCreator, it changed the linkset and tagset into some sort of weird numberic code. When I opened the file in a notepad viewer the link was still named correctly and the data files work it was just when using the program creator it showed them as like a 10 digit number series. Restoring the older version solved the problem
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