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EDIT: Figured it out. Never mind! There's hidden skills skPerfAll and skCrafAll. Can't do it for Knowledge though


Sorry if this is in a thread already. I looked, couldn't find it, but I may have missed something.

I'm trying to make all perform skills class skills for a particular custom feat.
From the HL Editor documentation
Make a skill a Class Skill

See the #classskill macro in the "Useful Macros" section.

To make all Craft, Knowledge, Perform and Profession skills class skills for a class, use Craft, Knowledge, Perform or Profession in the macro.
I've tried using the word Perform, Helper.SkCatPerform, skCatPerform, SkCatPerform.

I've been playing around with the editor for a while and this is the first thing I've come across that I cannot figure out.



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