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The Gestalt package goes up to 20th level.
I'll be doing an upcoming game that should take the characters to around 50th.
That would be 50 || 50 (around 100 class levels).

I decided on just doing full classes (start at 4:4, would appear to be LV 08 characters in HL)...
And then it would be easy enough to just do adjustments for BAB, HP, Skill Points, Saves, etc.
So they'd have the correct fractional BAB, fractional Saves, for whatever Gestalt LV they should be.

I'd like to use the Automatic Bonus Progression from Pathfinder Unchained.
Is there an adjustment I can use to reduce the character level for the calculations?
Or would it be easier to just disable the option (in options) and then add each bonus as an adjustment?

The other one I cannot find an adjustment for is the bonus attribute point, at 4th and 8th, etc.
Is there an adjustment to reduce the amount of times that appears?
Or should I just do some kind of a workabout such as lowering the character's STR score by one and then giving them a boost to STR through the "extra" every four levels attribute bonus?

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