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Originally Posted by Dhrakken View Post
........... I went with this TV because it's a side firing LED which minimizes the parallax effect by quite a bit.
I generally agree with this IF the bezel also creates a "lip" that further raises from the actual screen. And Thanks Dhrakken, Parallax was the word I was thinking, .. was suffering from CRS (Can't Remember Sh**)
BUT side fire sacrifices some resolution and true black ability.
BUT, BUT, they are also generally lighter and thinner.

Originally Posted by Dhrakken View Post
......... But I've stopped doing that because it was a bit of a pain in the butt and every time I transferred the TV, I worried I would damage it.
I can relate to the cringe feeling.. that's why we have the biannual "Cleaning of the Glass" when I have ample players present. allow for removal, glass and screen clean and replacement when there are enough hands to keep from dropping the TVs or the glass into the screen surface.

Originally Posted by Dhrakken View Post
Nothing beats the convenience of pulling up an online map and displaying it on the TV surface and being ready to go in a fraction of the time it would take to draw it.
Very true when it comes to time saving and with a better VTT platform than RW
Originally Posted by Dhrakken View Post
Plus, you can't beat the immersion.
Torn on this one, coming from old school "theater of the mind" I think the visuals help (ie picture says a thousand words) but bad DM'ing and eh descriptors wont save any map.

Originally Posted by adzling View Post
Im here to back up Dhrakken on making sure you get a tv with side-firing LEDs to reduce parallax.
I did that and we have zero parallax issues making it possible to accurately use the screen while seated..........
Originally Posted by Valyar View Post
....... For some people having those digital stuffs is counterproductive, for others it is the only way. .
Agree. While some digital things have helped the time savings almost becomes a wash. With 3.5 rule set combined with herolab on multiple tablets it allows my players (varies from 6-8) to make changes to the PORs as we go, Rage and Fight Defensive, etc become automatic changes than to have to constantly make corrections on paper Character sheets. Not to mention spell studying wizards and general consumables like potions and rations just get moved to "drop to ground" for repurchase later.
BUT.....Not having good efficient means of exporting of files and no means to record legitimate notes or journals creates alot of multiple programs running simultaneously and toggle back and forth or still having "ye ole spiral" to do those things with... AHHH we long for the day of ACTUAL CALENDARS and PC Journals .. (there I did it .. hehe). Right now the digital approach takes up that time savings of map drawing and redistributes itto other things and table space too for tablet and books and journals etc.

Originally Posted by Dhrakken View Post
.........where's the nearest tree, or is the table in my way, or is it difficult terrain, are minimized significantly. Plus, the players get a much more vivid representation of their surroundings rather than each player having their own different interpretation of the picture the GM is trying to convey in relation to their surroundings.

Originally Posted by MNBlockHead View Post
Dhrakkan and Adzling, thanks for the tip about side-firing LEDs. I'll definitely look for that. But, dumb question, where would I find this out? None of the product descriptions I've seen mention whether a display is using side-firing LEDs.
Here is a pretty good slide show of comparing differences...


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