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So the issue that occurs to me is one of Player access (and the same applies to adding our own icons): just because YOU can see the text as you intended, that doesn't mean YOUR PLAYERS will. Fonts have to be installed on the Players' machines in order for them to appear to the players. RealmWorks will identify what you used, but the players' machines will substitute the next best match that is available on that machine when displaying your content.

So if this is all just for your own use in GM Notes, that's probably fine... but if you're intending the same to be displayed in the Players' copies, that probably won't work.

As I said, the same applies to "user-created icons" ... the icon selection is one from the palette of installed icons.. if there are user-installed icons, there is no guarantee that the PLAYERS in stalled the same icons in the same order (so as to have the same ID).

Fonts and Icons are intellectual property. RealmWorks cannot distribute them to your players for you, as that would be piracy. If you purchased the requisite license for a font or icon.. that only applies to your own use, and does not include the rights to give them to others.

In the end, the warning is trying to tell you that by using such fonts and symbols, you may be creating something that none of your players can expect to see properly.
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