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Sorry, EightBlitz, but I think you misread my post. There are a few select things I am inclined to buy from the CM. So, I will have use for the feature set tightly associated with the CM.

But, on the whole to me the CM is only a way to generate revenue for LWL, even though I completely understand and support their need for it.

And, like daplunk said, we already have the ability to share realms, albeit somewhat cumbersone. And I am glad for that ability.

But regarding to large and complex realms I rather want to have one single realm for every era of my gameworld and reveal snippets per character since my campaigns tend to interact (e.g. in our Shadowrun campaigns the runner PCs got "interviewed" from the military PCs after their visit to the Renraku arcology leaked through...). And therefore I really need custom calendars and per-character-reveal. And, maybe a 64-bit version of RW.

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