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Originally Posted by Greebo View Post

I will certainly not spend much money on the CM, but I understand RWs need for additional revenue from it. And I can see, where it will be helpfull for certain GMs.

But most of my DMing is with homebrew worlds and highly customized settings. Yes, I do scavange published material, e.g. for the LotR-Campaign we are playing with our kids. Still, custom calendars, per-character-reveal etc. would be way more usefull for me and my groups. And IMHO implementing them, even two-third-ready, would do much to regain momentum and customer trust.
I would even pay for a major update including these features.
Just because you're not going to spend money on the content market, that doesn't mean you have no use for it's feature set. One of the things that's supposed to be implemented with the content market is the ability to share realms. So say you're building a particularly large, encyclopedic realm for your gaming world. With the ability to share realms, you can create separate realms for various adventures and integrate only what you need from your larger, encyclopedic realm.
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