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Originally Posted by dungeonguru View Post

I don't expect a web interface or a CM anytime soon, but I would like to see at least some of the functionality that's been requested over the past 2 years show up.

I will certainly not spend much money on the CM, but I understand RWs need for additional revenue from it. And I can see, where it will be helpfull for certain GMs.

But most of my DMing is with homebrew worlds and highly customized settings. Yes, I do scavange published material, e.g. for the LotR-Campaign we are playing with our kids. Still, custom calendars, per-character-reveal etc. would be way more usefull for me and my groups. And IMHO implementing them, even two-third-ready, would do much to regain momentum and customer trust.
I would even pay for a major update including these features.

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