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Originally Posted by daplunk View Post
It's heading in the right direction and LWD need to get their shit together because competition is coming hard and fast in this direction.

I don't expect a web interface or a CM anytime soon, but I would like to see at least some of the functionality that's been requested over the past 2 years show up.

The most recent world-builder blogs and twitch channels are starting to drop Realm Works down in the list with City of Brass and World Anvil rising up. Some of the blogs have even went out of their way to call out the lack of RW support and how it seems that the CM and other functionality are stuck in dev hell... LW needs to sidestep this CM/Paizo debacle somehow.

I just don't like the sub model that these other world builders use, especially since they hold content hostage or hide things behind ad revenue. I might not use the cloud service when RW finally "drops" because of it - I hate to constantly pay for something over and over.
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