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I essentially have the majority of the class figured out. My big four problems are with the Crimson Rite (and by extension Sanguine Mastery), Blood Maledict, the Formulas for the Order of the Mutant, and the patronage and spells for the Order of the Profane Soul.

With Crimson Rite, I'd like to know if it is possible to cause the damage to show up along with the weapons, as well as to take off the HP while activated (until Sanguine Mastery negates the loss of HP). Also, I'd like to know if it's possible to remove available rites once selected.

With Blood Maledict, I need to figure out how to choose two curses when first gained, remove selected curses from further options, and if it is possible to show those effects at all. I have a similar problem with the Formulas.

With the Order of the Profane Soul, I can't really figure out how to be able to select a patron, or restrict the choices of spells a hero learns.
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