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Originally Posted by Sendric View Post
Someone mentioned that the Draconic Heritage feat from Dragon Magic wasn't properly setting skills as class skills. I am unable to reproduce this issue. Whoever reported this issue, or anyone else for that matter, could you please give a specific example of when it is not working so I can get it fixed? Thanks.
I was the one that reported that, but I don't see the post on here anymore. (EDIT: Looks like I just PMed that one to ShadowChemosh and didn't put it on the forum.) Here is how I encountered the error: I created a Dragonfire Adept and chose the Green dragon as the dragon for my Draconic Heritage feat. This should have set Move Silently as a class skill. However, it did not do that - I had to do a Permanent Adjustment to get Move Silently as a class skill.

Additionally, at Level 1, the "Immunity to Sleep" and "Immunity to Paralysis" specials are being added to the Dragonfire Adept. However, DFAs don't get these immunities until Level 19.

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