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I tried to post this yesterday, but I don't think it worked. I
appologize if it is posted a second time.

I'm trying to build a data file. I'm using the 'rang' and 'must'
attributes to get the spin buttons for multiple weapon selection on a
unit and for roster validation.

The 'rang 'attribute seems to be working fine as I get the spin
button. When I add the 'must' attribute it doesn't seem to recognize
the category of the option.

I have an assault rifle assigned to the Ranged category. I can
have between 2 and 8 of them in a squad, depending on the squad's
size and number of special weapons. With the default being 4 for
minimum squad size. So I have the 'rang' attribute set to 'rang:2-8-
start@4'. That seems to be working.

I want the validation rules to notify the user when there aren't
enough or there are too many weapons assigned to the squad. I use
the 'must:categ=Ranged+Special+Heavy@min=#'
and 'must:categ=Ranged+Special+Heavy@max=#' attributes. When I load
the data file and select the unit I get a validation error no matter
how many weapons I assign the unit. The error is "Not enough options
of category 'Ranged+Special+Heavy' are assigned to unit 'Standard
Infantry Squad' (min unit size)." It doesn't matter what combination
of categories I check for I get the validation error.

I'm using version 1.4d of AB and the Construction Kit. I've tried
deleteing the definition file and recompiling it, rebuilding the
datafiles and stripping them down to just the unit and the options.
Everything I could think of. I've tried looking at some of the other
datafiles for other games and see how they've implemented it. I tried
duplicating the way it was done in other files and have them set up
nearly identical, except for different names for all the units and
options. No luck. I don't see what it is that I'm missing. Can anyone
shed some light on this?

Thanks in advance.


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