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Originally Posted by Yobtar View Post
a response from, on which I posted the OP

"Given that GW has just entered the electronic book market, and appears to be intent on developing iPad apps, I find it hard to believe that this crackdown is a coincidence. As I understand it, the new electronic Space Marines codex contains an app to build a Space Marine army. Possibly, that's GW's idea: to force everyone into buying electronic codexes and army books, with army building software built into each."

Cat out of the bag? Seems like it to me.
I spoke with our IP lawyer about this possibility, and he said that it was certainly not a tactic that he would have expected from GW, even if they were coming out with their own product. So it's definitely possible, but it seems unlikely, and the last thing we need is another wild rumor spreading that's based on a wild theory, especially one that flies in the face of what the lawyers think makes sense.

Looks like I need to head over to Under-Empire...
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