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OK... I think I see what's happening.

I was purchasing the FORMULA to the Bag of Holding, not the item itself.

To get a Bag of Holding:
Equipment tab > Gear > Special Items >> + > Select a Category = Hand Held > pick what you want > Buy (75gp).
This item now shows up in the PLAY tab/Gear/Magic Items.

To get the formula for a Bag of Holding:
Equipment tab>Formulas>Held >> + > Category list, choose item > Buy (5gp). And this is listed in the HELD window.
Then somehow you craft this and convert it?

Issue??: If you sell back the item from the HELD window, then
1. You only get to sell it back at 50% (no choice for 100%?), and
2. It is 50% of the full item, not the cost of the formula. ?? You are getting back more money....??
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