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Hi guys,

I need some help to create a restriction on amount of specialists in a squad in ABC 2.2

This is my case
* I created squad of min-max 4-12 models
* I also created 2 specialists: S1 and S2

* You can take 1 specialist per 3 models added in a squad
* You can take max 1 S1
*You can take max 2 S2s

What I did:
* I created the base Squad and the two specialists under units (and gave them external attribute "hide")
* I created a list of specialists under tab options to pick 1 specialist per 3 models
* I linked this options list to the squad links (under options tab)
* under units, I added a local attribute to S1 "ratp:abs=1:1" and to S2 ratp:abs=1:2 to say what is the max count of the specialists in a squad

Now the result:
* All works as it should
* It allows me to add more S1s and S2s than specified

Which attribute I should use then?
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