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At 07:56 PM 2/9/2007, you wrote:
I sent an email to support on Monday and another yesterday and have yet to receive any response.

This is in regards to my registration being somehow wiped after I paid to extend my license for another two years.

I don't want to fly off the handle here, but I'm getting a bit frustrated to put it lightly.
I just verified that all support emails received prior to Friday had been replied to earlier in the week. There are still some outstanding emails from Friday that are pending.

Fortunately for everyone, I'm not the point person for technical support anymore, so the support queue was being steadily processed while I was flat on my back. :-)

If you didn't receive the response, it almost certainly means the email was being swallowed by your spam filter. What many people apparently don't realize is that most email providers ALSO provide spam filtering, and they start with the filter level set HIGH, which results in lots of email getting thrown away by default. You need to check the settings both on your local computer AND with the email provider.

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