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At 11:56 PM 1/26/2007, you wrote:

I've recently upgraded to AB3, and last night purchased a licence over the internet. When I went to activate my licence, my copy of AB3 got to the last stage (having entered the licence code, my name, email and postcode) and AB asked me to establish an internet connection.

I did this (I am on dial-up) and hit next.

I got the following message:

"An unexpected error occured during the processing of your licence. This often occurs when the internet connection is not properly established, or the Lone Wolf Development server is not currently reachable. Please re-check your internet connection and attempt to access your licence again in a little while. If the problem persists for an extended period, please contact Lone Wolf Development at ( for further assistance"

Now, I'm pretty sure there is nothing wrong with either my connection or the Wolflair site, and the error message flashes up almost immediately rather than waiting for 30-60 seconds like it should. This leads me to believe that for some reason my copy of AB3 is not recognising my internet connection.

I'm really hoping someone can shed some light on this!
This error almost certainly means that you've got some sort of security tool blocking AB's ability to access the internet successfully. It could be Windows Firewall or possibly some other tool. You'll need to identify the tool and configure it to allow AB to get through to the internet. Once you do that, everything should run fine.

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