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Originally Posted by Kaleb View Post
For instance I would like to make an unchained version of the bloodrager that simply swaps out the new rage system for the old rage system.
Unless something is "crazy" different you could easily do this with an Archetype. The new unchanged rage is going to have a new unique id "cUncRage" (total guess). So your archetype would disable the old 'cBbnRage' and add the new 'cUncRage' class special.

Besides its not Paizo that is locking out the classes from new/copy. Its Lone Wolf doing that. Paizo is under the OGL meaning you can copy the text of a class all you want. Hence why the class exists on about a dozen different Pathfinder Wiki websites all for free.

LW is stopping you because if it was that easy to copy the Bloodrager class Things then I can copy the class and all the mechanics and give my players a free version of the ACG with very little work.

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