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I figured there would be some sort of problems like that, which is why it should probably be an additional link type, so that the current option is still available.

Currently I'm using DropBox for player Portfolios, so any computer from which I can sync to the Realm Works Cloud I'll also be able to use to access the Portfolios (giving Hero Lab access to your Cloud service would work as well).

I suppose a necessary flag for the Snippet would be "Did not sync" - if Realm Works can't access the file when it loads the Realm it marks the snippet so you're aware the data might be old.

Doesn't look like anyone's found a use for the idea yet, so not a very valuable addition to the code. Even less valuable if a player's copy of Realm Works can provide "live" access for their copy of Hero Lab - which would be a great feature which would help justify players purchasing Realm Works instead of using the free web access.
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