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I'm looking for something more asynchronous. Currently, if the Hero Lab Profile isn't opened through Realm Works, Realm Works doesn't recognize that a change has been made. Currently I'm sitting here with distinct copies of the same PC open in different instances of Hero Lab: one launched from last week's addition to Realm Works, and one launched from the copy which was updated with new notes.

I think what I was trying to say before is that I wanted Realm Works to have the option to link to an external Portfolio, instead of only embedding the Portfolio within Realm Works. That way anything the players do with their characters can eventually be automatically reflected in Realm Works instead of having to remember to go through all possible topics and look for Portfolios to delete and re-add.

An alternative would be to allow Hero Lab to access Portfolios stored within a Realm (and still do the dynamic datamining), but that seems less valuable as it fails in any instance where there is no Cloud access for the players.
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