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Originally Posted by CapedCrusader View Post
Things have been delayed by a death in my family, and dealing with that.
Many belated condolences and best wishes.
Originally Posted by CapedCrusader View Post
I should be able to get things wrapped up this Sunday. Then, for this one, I do want a couple of testers. I know several of you have volunteered here or through PM's, and I ask that you confirm your availability. Once I get with the LWD folks and get this packaged up, be sure you have the time available and are familiar enough with the new material to get this thing beat up quickly.
Definitely still available for this.

Great to hear about the AB, looking forward to seeing that. Will you be able to give the Power Points from each AB a different name or a type tag? For example, if I had a new AB (Gadgets) would I be able to call the associated Power Points “Gadget Points” instead? Or tag the AB with a new tag like PPType.Gadget?

I know both of those could probably be done with Scripting, but thought would check.

Looking forward to seeing all the hard work come to fruition!


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