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(Full Disclosure... I'm reporting this problem after examining files sent to me by users of my custom sheet who are using the Mac version of Hero Lab. I will install the Mac version myself later this week, but felt that this was important enough to go ahead and get to you.)

It looks like the XSLT transformation done by the Mac version of Hero Lab has a serious problem for custom sheet developers. I'm going to describe it here -- if it would help, I could also put together a simple "test" stylesheet to demonstrate the problem.

I suspect that this can be fixed by simply changing an option on whatever XSLT engine the Mac version is using.

Problem: Every <xsl:value-of> produces a new-line and indentation spaces
Assume the player is named Bob.  Then this line:
   "<xsl:value-of select="@playername"/>"

Should get transformed to:

But instead it gets tranformed to:
As you can see, a new-line has been inserted immediately after output, and then spaces have been added to indent the following line.

Because of the way HTML handles whitespace, this wouldn't be a problem for anything placed inside a simple HTML element. However, it breaks any output that has to be inside a string literal, which includes all HTML attributes as well as JavaScript strings.

My guess is that the XSLT engine you're using has an option to enable/disable output formatting, and this problem may be solved by disabling that formatting.
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