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Originally Posted by MuzzyHeel View Post
I downloaded the Mac Beta today on to a G5 Mac Pro OSX 10.6.8 system. It was a non starter. The application installs and loads but immediately displays a Hero Lab error message
"Unexpected error creating font 'editscript': 0000044c"
The some of the menus drop down are greyed out and they are all inactive. The program doesn't Quit on Apple +Q or menu Quit. I can Force Quit but the Application doesn't show as "Not responding". Only a Restart got me out.

Anything I can try to get it running properly?
MacBook Pro on OSX Lion, also getting an "Unexpected error creating font 'title': 0000044c" and then the program just completely crashes and refuses to open. Uninstalled and reinstalled, same issue.

I do have a decent amount of 3rd party fonts on my computer, maybe the one you use for "title" has been replaced?
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