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Originally Posted by Madmaxneo View Post
I apologize if this has been answered before but I was unable to find it. Since you have given priority to many other projects how far down the line is the user defined calendar option? Basically when do you all expect to get something out to the public on this?
Bruce, You haven't found it because it has not been answered. Other than soon,..... after.........
Chemlak is correct the priority is targeted (as relayed via LWD) Content Market & Web access.

Originally Posted by Chemlak View Post
The timeline for them is measured in months (rob alluded to late Q3 2015 at one point, but that might be generous, depending on the usual slippage expected with intermediate features - I would be happy with that).
Not likely.... we have already seen the first quarter of the year now in the rear view mirror, with none of the "target goals" yet being achieved. IT would be something just short of miraculous for it to occur before next year based on previous history. So, all we can do is to wait...... patiently.

Originally Posted by Chemlak View Post
(Please don't take this as a negative comment about LWD's priorities,
This made me chuckle....
so, Ditto for me
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