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Originally Posted by risner View Post
Did some searching:

var index as number
index = hero.child[cHelpWiz].field[cClsIndex].value

that tells you which one it is, so:

if (index = 0) then kValue0
if (index = 5) then kValue5
risner, my apologies. I did in fact get this to work just as you said. I was simply approaching it the wrong way. By adding 1/2 the specific classes KValue into the kUserRanks, it produced the results I needed that didn't apply it across the hero. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. What I found out is, the only thing I needed to modify was the kUserRanks, as any other modification to kUserPts, kValueX, or the class/cross-class skills of the class were just too inter-connected to not affect something. When I realized that the only thing tracked by class was in the kValue, and the only thing I needed to modify was the kUserRanks, add 0.5 * that kValue back into the kUserRanks worked like a charm, and without messing up any other classes that are using the same skill as cross-class or class. Thank you once again (this was the one and only thing I couldn't stomach a half measure on).
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