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Originally Posted by Dark Lord Galen View Post
Thread Bump.... Still trying to figure this out..any help is appreciated
What exactly are you trying to accomplish? If you want what Kendall did, then the script he posted above looks like an eval rule:

@valid = 1
doneif (#levelcount[Bard] >= 1)

var genRanks as number
genRanks = (#totallevelcount[] + 3) / 2
if (#skillranks[kSpeakLang] > genRanks) then
@message = "Skill " & hero.child[kSpeakLang].field[name].text & " has too many ranks for a general skill."
@valid = 0
PS. If you just want a new skill to be cross-class, then you don't need to do anything. All skills are cross-class unless a class is assigned that class as a class skill.

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