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Lawful_g wrote:
> After a period of many months I have started using HL again, and just
> updated to the newest patch. Unfortunately, some Cleric Domains I had
> previously entered through the editor no longer work right. I can add
> them, but I get an error message "Error! Domain with no 'allow' tag:
> Pestilence"... special abilities from the domain show fine, but domain
> spells attatched to it do not show up... How do I fix this?

Ouch, looks like that's a bug that I missed when testing stuff. Sorry!
I'll fix this for the next release... in the meantime, you can fix it by
doing the following:

1) Open the file containing the domain in a text editor

2) Find the domain that's causing the problem, and look for the domain
tag - it should look like this (for the Fire domain, for example)

<tag group="Domain" tag="Fire" name="Fire" abbrev="Fire"/>

3) Change "Domain" to "SecClsAllw", changing it to the following:

<tag group="SecClsAllw" tag="Fire" name="Fire" abbrev="Fire"/>

4) Reload the game system in Hero Lab

I think that should fix the problem. If not, please email me the files
in question and I'll figure out how to fix it.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Colen McAlister,
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